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today to see if facebook files its ipo. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. facebook is expected to file the paperwork soon, clearing the way for the company that was founded in a college dorm room to go public. >> long way from that dorm room to the new york stock exchange but even when it does go public, the stock won't be available for months. still, as chris clackum reports now, investor interest is already at a fever pitch. >> reporter: after launching facebook from a harvard dorm room eight years ago, founder mark zuckerberg, who is now 27 years old, will take it public and get a great big like from headquarters in menlo park, california, as well as from analysts who say it was inevitable? >> become such a huge part of our lives tapped is really hard to replace now because it has taken the place of a lot of just personal e-mailing, a lot of other social interactions. >> reporter: in doing so, facebook has become a treasure
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trove for advertisers. virtually no other website can claim so many people are coming to it and staying so long. >> part of the appeal of facebook is that they have really detailed information on who's using the service, every time you interact with facebook, you leave a kind of digital fingerprint. >> reporter: a digital fingerprint providing valuable information for marketers, which is why the ipo is expected to easily raise the $5 billion in cash facebook says it needs to enhance and expand. generally, it is institutional investors who benefit from any ipo. >> the tough thing about ipos is that if you aren't a very large investor, you generally don't have access to them. >> reporter: but analysts suspect zuckerberg will make an exception and somehow allow facebook's 800 million members to get in on the action when the stock goes on sale probably some time in may. chris clackum, nbc news. now to presidential
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politics. mitt romney is savoring his big primary win in florida. he also shrugged off a glitter attack at the campaign appear perhaps and sought to clarify a remark that came across as insensitive to some. steve handlesman has the latest from tampa. >> good to see you. >> reporter: day after his big win, mitt romney is upbeat. >> this is an exciting time. i'm happy for a little celebration. this is confetti. we just won florida. >> reporter: he was in minnesota, where republicans vote next week. >> thank you tonight for this great victory. >> reporter: florida was romney's breakthrough. voters gave him a 14-point win and proof, romney claimed on the "today" show, that the republican right is finally on the romney train. >> people who call themselves conservative and very conservative overwhelmingly supported my campaign. tea partiers supported by campaign. >> reporter: not true, according to exit polling. newt gingrich beat romney with very conservative voters and with evangelicals.
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>> it is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader, newt gingrich, and the massachusetts moderate. >> reporter: but there is still ron paul and rick santorum. >> this race is just beginning. there's only four states that have spoken. >> reporter: over the next week in nevada, maine, colorado and minneapolis, santorum could do better, paul, too. they are caucus states where fewer but more enthusiastic backers can tip the balance. meanwhile, megarich mitt romney raised eyebrows, saying he is not concerned about the very poor. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> reporter: he scrambled to clarify, saying the poor have a safety net, the rich are doing fine, he is concerned about the middle class, 90 to 95% of americans who are struggling. was it a stumble or an appeal to the staunch conservatives romney still needs to win over? speaking of wealth, romney's fundraising for the fight ahead is far outstripping his rivals. his campaign has 20 million in
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the bank. his super pac is taking in million dollar contributions. i'm steve handlesman, news4, tampa, florida. for his part, president obama showed up here at a packed house at the james lee community center in falls church this morning. he unveiled a plan to lift the sluggish housing market by making easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages. under the plan, borrowers who make their mortgage payments on time would be able to refinance more easily so they can take advantage of low interest rates. the president said it would save people hundreds of dollars a month and help build equity. >> here in falls church, home val views fallen by about a quarter from their peak. in places like las vegas, more than half of all homeowners are underwater. so, it is going to take a while for those prices to rise again but there are actions we can take right now to provide some
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relief to folks who have been responsible, have done the right thing and are making their payments on time. >> the president urged congress today to approve the plan but republicans are already voicing strong objections to it because of the costs involved. some northern virginia realtors were in the audience today here. we will hear what they have to say about the plan. that's coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. in the meantime, time for another calendar check, folks. it is february 1st feels like april 1st. we head up to 7-0 today, pat. >> which season is this? form four meteorologist veronica johnson is outside again this afternoon. hey, veronica. >> hey there guys. stay out there the crews told me they are going to fire up the grill. so why would i want to come on in, right? let's talk about what's going on. it kind of feels like it did yesterday, right? but in fact, we got up to 70, 70-plus south of d.c. so, higher temperatures throughout the area, now down to 68, but more
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cloud cover across the area. let's take a look around the area, 69 degrees right now, la playa, 72 in fredericksburg, virginia, and stafford, 66 currently around manassas and 63 in fairfax county, around mcclaine and vienna, not too bad anywhere throughout maryland, d.c. and virginia this afternoon. not too bad at all. let's take a look at what's been happening. early morning showers, we got a chance to get a little bit of sun early on today. you can see the clouds, the stack of them, down through charles county, over into prince williams county and on west and that's the leading edge of more cloud cover and even some showers that we are going to get after midnight. so like this morning, we had a little bit of rain, tomorrow morning, we are talking about a little bit of rain, but for your evening, it is going to be dry and those temperatures, awfully nice. we head down to 58 degrees by 7:00, 55 at 9:00. here is a look at that partly cloudy sky, sunset today at 5:29. take a look at your fast forecast real quick now, put it
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on for you, fine evening for us, talking about a chance to get a little bit of rain, be in the morning or be in the afternoon? and how much are we going to get out of this next weather system. a lot of folks shall as we approach the end of the week, all ready wanting to know about the weekend. talk about that, jim in a couple of minutes. all right, come on back in here. we are getting jealous, veronica. >> okay. today, the national park service handed out a flier to protesters at the occupy d.c. movement. the information detail what is they have to do to be in compliance with the law. mean while, a judge is giving protesters fair warning, if they are asked to vacate their demonstration sites. as news4's tracee wilkins reports, that would be a welcomed decision to some washingtonians, while others don't mind what the movement is doing. >> reporter: the tint of dreams hangs a little lower, the count down to a potential showdown with park police continues and occupy d.c. protesters are still occupying mcpherson square. the camp is an attention getter. folks seeing it the first time
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are moved to take pictures of it while either gotten used to it or grown tired of looking at it. >> is useless it is destructive. it is disturbing traffic and everything else. time for them to move on and find a different way to get support. >> i just a little sad because they just redid the park last year and so beautiful and now it is just kind of muddy and gross. so i just hope they can clean it up and make it look nice again. >> reporter: but there are still many people who support what the camp and the occupy movement stands for in d.c. and the nation. >> i really agree with what they have to say and what they stand for. i think they stand for like the average american who struggles under, like, an economic oppression. >> they are making a good message, at least they are trying to do it nonviolently, which is the best way also to make that message and to do a protest. >> i think people are really red of corporation and big business and just ready to stand up in some type of way and this
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is like i said earlier, this is just an exercise of free speech, so -- >> reporter: so a lot of mixed reaction. now, if the park service decides to move out the occupiers, again, according to this judge's decision, they will be given two days' notice. in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. a leading french presidential candidate got a flower shower today. take a look. the candidate is from the socialist party. his name is francois holland, at an appearance today, a protesters ran to the podium, threw handfuls of flour and said socialists were trying to kill her. security guards immediately tackled her. the candidate remained calm until his security detail hus e hustled him away. polls suggest he has a six-point lead over president nicolas sarkozy. coca-cola is teaming one ocean city, maryland to become the official soft drink of the beach resort.
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constituent signed a five-year deal to serve only coke at all town-operated properties and events. ocean city gets a $65,000 payment and commission on sales which means an estimated value of more than $286,000. pepsi's reign as the official soft drink ends april 2nd. just four days left until the matchup, much anticipated rematch between the giants and the patriots in super bowl xlvi. jim vance and dan hellie are in indianapolis all this week with a look at what's going on today. >> hey, guys, just hanging out here on radio row in indianapolis. this is where it all happens and as usual, everybody knows jim vance. no surprise there. >> well, not everybody, but i'm thrilled to be here because there's all of these guys here who at least talk like they know what they are talking about and it is such a joy to see them face to face. i'm enjoying this >> on radio row, everybody acts like they know what they are talking b. >> some do i guess. they have to. all kinds of stuff coming up,
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from a sports perspective talked to a couple of media guys about the likelihood of peyton manning actually ending up in washington, d.c., which people can't get out of theirs now. >> does anybody really believe that though? >> i don't, but some certainly do. >> i'm not doing a sports theme. i, today, am going to some place that i have been looking forward to for quite some time. i have been hearing for years about this joint in indianapolis that's bakery that they still sell what i'm told, the only place in the country that still sells mary janes and i would love to go buy me a mary jane. >> i knew know what a mary jane s. >> i told you. >> i learn a lot from jim vance. all right, guys, a lot coming up later today. >> bring some back. they are good. we love them h they will be back at 5:00 tonight with more from indianapolis and you can catch vance and helly's live reports every week all week long, all night, leading up to the super bowl, watch the big game, of course, sunday right here on nbc 4. we are counting down and we are pumped. >> we are indeed. and there's much more ahead
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on news4 at 4:00. >> as always in parting, we wish chicago peace and -- >> love. >> the creator of the tv show "soul train" found dead in his california home. and as we do countdown to the super bowl -- ♪ so many places in my life and time ♪ >> talk super bowl, we are singing for "the voice." we have a preview at 4:45. also, why snooki and jwoww wouldn't be partying in another jersey shore town.
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his long-running tv dance show "soul train" took viewers on what was described as the hippest trip in america. now, fans are mourning his death. >> don cornelius was found dead in his california home early this morning of an apparent suicide. he was 75 years old. as stephanie stanton reports, like his show, cornelius was legendary. ♪ soul train, soul train ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it was the first tv dance show to prominently feature african-americans and played a critical role in bringing soul and r & b music to mainstream america. >> and to this day, they are still going as strong as ever. >> reporter: "soul train" creator don cornelius divide an apparent suicide early this morning. police responded to reports of gunfire around 4 a.m. at his mulholland drive home. when they arrived, they found
4:16 pm
the 75-year-old with a gunshot wound to the upper torso. he was pronounced dead about an hour later at a los angeles area hospital. "soul train" was wong one of the longest running syndicated shows in television history. cornelius hosted from 1971 to 1993 and was instrumental in offering wider exposure to black musicians like james brown, aretha franklin and michael jackson. >> i was very happy that "soul train" came on. >> "soul train" was a scene, man. you got the dancers. you have these celebrities, these artists that would come out, too and it was a big party. >> reporter: in recent years, cornelius faced medical and legal troubles, including a 2008 arrest for domestic violence against his estranged wife n this 2005 today show interview, he talked about his "soul train" legacy. >> i thought it had tremendous potential. >> reporter: sadly news of his death comes just as the "soul train awards" plan to return to the airwaves in november after a two-year hiatus.
4:17 pm
>> peace and -- >> soul. >> reporter: stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. singer amy winehouse's death may be coming into question again. >> british officials say the coroner who oversaw her inquest resigned amid concerns over her qualifications. authorities discover suzanne greenway was not a registered uk lawyer for the five years necessary to hold her position. she practiced law for a decade in her native australia and was appointed assistant deputy coroner in london by her husband. greenway ruled wine house died from accidental alcohol poisoning back in october. her family can call for a new investigation now. actor and film director clint eastwood is here in washington to dedicate a new theater at the smithsonian. >> tonight, eastwood will cut the ribbon at the new warner brothers theater at the national museum of american history. the old carmichael auditorium has been renovated and will reopen as a modern theater with 3-d projection capability.
4:18 pm
while he's here, eastwood will be honored for his six decades of work in american film. he will receive the james smithson bicentennial medal recognizing his contributions as an actor and director. first lady michelle obama is taking her healthy eating habits to late-night tv. >> she brought samples, too. she appeared on "the tonight show" with jay leno. >> we got apples, 'cause i heard you haven't had an apple in a decade. >> um -- >> and some of our white house honey. >> this is white house honey. >> if you dip it, it will help it go down just a little bit easier. >> white house honey. that sounds bad. but, yeah. [ laughter ] >> mrs. obama got the
4:19 pm
self-proclaimed v eed veggie ha try vegetables. she is demanding a couple of -- attending a couple of democratic fundraising events. >> and jay also got her to eat beets, which are not her favorite. shfrnlts did >> she did. >> ate them anyway. the oscar nominated hit "moneyball" almost didn't make it to the big screen. >> stars brad pitt and jonah hill talked about the struggle to produce the film the "today" show this morning and they also revealed how they kept things fun on the set. >> this thing was arduous undertaking, it almost didn't get made about three times and a lot of people put their jobs on the line to see it through and i'm happy it's paid off. >> i'm wondering, what kind of a boss is brad pitt? >> yeah? >> yeah. a great boss. because he was the producer of the film. like bennett, our director, bennett miller, who is a genius and brad, the brain trust of the film, they were trying to figure
4:20 pm
out this really intricate book that people said was unfilmable. >> they gave us these golf carts and i had jonah's cart rigged, whenever you turn it on it would blast "wake me up before you go go," all the way to the set. >> if it was just that, but he had it shrink wrapped bright pink, like neon pink. >> no. >> superimposed a picture of me and george michael on the front that said "i love -- i'm jonah hill and i love wham." >> oh. they were cruel. having fun, too. "moneyball," based on the book about oakland a's manager billy beane is up for six academy awards, including best picture. are you ready for this? jersey shore snooki may be pregnant according to a report in "star" magazine. an insider tells the magazine that nicole poll lizzie is expecting her first child with boyfriend, but snooki is denying the report, telling the opie and anthony radio show that is not true and she is insulted by the
4:21 pm
insinuations that she's fat. if the pregnancy rule ers do prove to be true, it would force some creative changes for a planned spinoff in the works. meanwhile, that spinoff gets a thumbs down from hoboken, new jersey. the city of frank sinatra's birth has denied a request to film in the city. the mayor says the decision is base old safety and quality of life concerns for residents. producers of the mtv series were seeking a 24-hour filming permit to follow two well-known reality tv celebrities who would live in the city the jersey journal reports they could be snooki and jwoww farlism the production company has an opportunity to appeal the decision to the hoboken city council. >> that's sinatra's town. it should stay that way. >> it probably will. >> my two cents. coming up on news4 at four, women taking birth control may end up pregnant, the pill recall still to come. what makes this boss the very well liked boss by his
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you know, veronica, pat and i had money whether you were going to come back in and slum with the rest of us.
4:25 pm
you did it. >> who won? you had a bet. >> we had faith in you. >> knew you would drag yourself back in here. i knew what direction to go into when i was coming into work this morning, i wasn't sure if the geese knew which way to go seems like they have been flying in circles all winter long. >> they are confused. looked like they were heading back north. like, oh, no, winter not over yet, guys, not just yet. >> right. for sure, we are seeing some very mild temperatures today, 25 degrees above average, folks, that's even affecting the pollen. talk more about that a little later, but first, let's head outside again and take a look at that sky. we have got a lot of high clouds still overhead. in fact, cloud cover is going to thicken up and see our wind shift from the northwest to the northeast, bringing us a little rain by tomorrow morning. we are at 68 degrees right now. there's your northwest wind, at 8 miles per hour. humidity, 43% that will be climbing also. 61 in gaithersburg, 66 around
4:26 pm
warrenton, manassas, falls church, 70 to 72, culpepper, fredericksburg, virginia, right now, very mild indeed. 9:00 hour, down to 55. 11 p.m., 54 degrees. then starting out in the mid-40s tomorrow morning, most neighborhoods, 47 to 46 degrees inside the beltway with a few showers around the area for tomorrow morning. probably between 5 a.m. and about 10 a.m., your best chance of rain. is up up tomorrow, 7:14. right now, we have the clouds moving energy the batch of rain sitting out to the southwest, around roanoke, western north carolina, put it in motion, show you the system coming into the area, most of the rain for tomorrow around southern maryland, but indeed, everybody gets very, very slight chance, only a 30 to 50% chance of seeing some rain for tomorrow morning. it moves out quickly and then we are going to have sunshine back in here with a northwesterly wind and a little cooler tomorrow. temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than today.
4:27 pm
but with high pressure moving back in, even your friday is looking like a lot of sunshine and then we have got another weather system that's going to greet us for the weekend. that one will be developing tomorrow out over the rockies and going to bring a lot of heavy snow again to the rockies and wind-blown snow, too, see winds up to 40 miles per hour, here is the forecast, increasing clouds, dry for the evening, 52 to 58, tomorrow morning, a few light showers, you can pack the small umbrella, between 40 and 47, mercury, 53, 57, that is what we will top out for tomorrow. that is mild for this time of year. friday, the sunshine, high 52, the weekend, which day this weekend do we have rain posted? right now, sunday. 60% chance of rain showers, we will take a look at the early part of next week, the first full week of february coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, ver ran ka. still on news4 at four, women trying to avoid getting pregnant, may be in for real shock. the details about the birth
4:28 pm
control recall next. >> chevrolet. >> fireworks. >> plus, meet the girl who can
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and welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handily. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening in the news at this hour. the world's biggest social network is headed to wall street. facebook is expected to file the paperwork today, allowing it to be traded on the stock market as a public company. facebook was founded in a college dorm room eight years ago. it now has 800 million members. the ipo is expected to raise at least $5 billion. meanwhile, a positive day on wall street. stocks kicked off the first day of trading in february by extending their rally to last month. the nasdaq up 34, the s & p 500 was up 11. mitt romney is on the move again. a decisive whip in florida puts him solidly in front-runner territory in the tumultuous race for the republican nomination. an appearance in minnesota
4:32 pm
today, gay rights activists threw gliter at romney. some of that glit per was stiff on in his hair when he took to the stage. romney said it was confetti and he said he had to glue his hair down anyway. pfizer recalling 1 million packages of birth control pills after an error could leave some women with too much of or too little of the drugs. the recall involves two separate products, one under the brand name l/ovral 28, the another is nor jest trim andette nillest tra dial. a typical birth control product
4:33 pm
contains 21 active drug tablets and seven inactive sugar tablets. some packages had too many inactive tablets, others too many placebos. the company says no harmful effects involved with this recall, the main risk is unexpected pregnancy. we talked with a doctor at gw about what women should know. >> definitely, if you are taking birth control pills involved in this recall for the remainder of the month that you are on this pack of pills, you should use a backup method and consult your provider to figure out what would be the next best step for you. >> we have a list of all 28 lots involved in the recall on our website, you can find it by searching birth control. a group of doctors now say boys as well as girls should get the hpv vaccine. human paploma virus is linked to cervical cancer in women but certain strains are also the cause of many head and neck cancers in men.
4:34 pm
nbc's erika edwards explains this and other changes to childhood vaccine recommendations. >> reporter: girls and boys nationwide have a new vaccination schedule to follow. >> you want a band-aid? >> reporter: american academy of pediatrics and the centers for disease control are recommending vaccine changes starting with the meningitis booster shot for 16-year-olds. >> i didn't know what it was. didn't know what meningitis was. >> reporter: meningitis is a potentially deadly bacterial infection and doctors say children should get vaccinated at able 11. the vaccine weakens over time, leaving as many as half of those kids untexted by age 16. texas has already made the shot mandatory to attend college. >> a transcript, your i.d. and the vaccination. >> reporter: another change, doctors now say boys as well as girl cuss get the hpv shot as early as age 9. human paploma virus is transmitted sexually and linked to cervical cancer in women. certain hpv strains are the cause of many head and neck cancers, particularly in men.
4:35 pm
doctors say the vaccine is most effective at creating hpv anti-bodies when kids reach age 11 or 12, often before they reach sexual maturity. >> you wait until you think you know when they are sexually active, may miss the opportunity to protect them. >> reporter: protecting kids now gives the best shot possible at a healthier life. erika edwards, nbc news. >> kids respect the only targets for the new vaccine scheduled. babies too young for a flu shot and the whooping cough vaccine can be born with anti-bodies of both illness it is their mothers had shots while pregnant. 14-year-old alyssa cramer has a unique ability. she can instantly visualize any word backward. this morning the "today" show, matt lauer and ann curry put her to the test. >> super bowl. [ speaking backwards ] >> this one you have been asked before. [ speaking backwards ] >> french fries.
4:36 pm
[ speaking backwards ] now, these -- did you memorize that one or just know that one or again you do the visual thing? >> i just do the visual thing. >> you never seem to stop to wonder if you are pronouncing it right backwards. that's what i'm saying. >> gibberish. [ speaking backwards ] >> brad pitt. [ speaking backwards ] chevrolet. >> cramer says when she learned to read, she taught herself to read any word forward or backward so now, she says she does it automatically. she is featured in a youtube video that already has more than 1 million hits. she nation soumakes it sound so. of all talents, where does that get you? >> on the today show and youtube. coming up on news4 at four, ozzy the acrobatic dog is quickly becoming an internet
4:37 pm
hit. ♪ >> does she have the voice? >> does she have the voice? we catch up with the star panel
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she has our images in the palm of her hand, time for app of the day. >> how will she make us look? >> our app is nfl photo booth, at a super bowl party around you are tired of the dip and company, you are waiting for mad dan donna, you know you are. take a picture or load up an image like this and start having fun with it. look out. >> let's put a little jersey on my boy, jim, one that make him look like a big old puffy guy and then some other objects. you know what we need? access, so he a helmet for my guy, a little helmet.
4:41 pm
even do stuff under the eyes. let's give him a football so he knows what he is doing. there you go, a little football there and also, he needs a big foam finger. here we go. >> there you go. >> there you go. and there -- there you go, jim. you're all ready for the party. >> i'm set to go. >> and you can do this -- you can really do it with real people, not just this guy. you can -- how did i go back? go back. you can -- oh, hang on the you can -- it's really -- you can -- okay. thank you. someone in my ear said "just hit finish." finish. there we go. save my kansas, yes indeedy. share this with your friends, you can skip that you can do all kinds of stuff, but you can go to this online gallery where you can see what other people have done with this, kind of fun, so
4:42 pm
something to do during the super bowl when the commercials aren't doing it for you and madonna ain't doing it for you either. you there go. this will do it for you nfl photo booth. >> can i just say my noggin is so out of proportion there i knew aid big head. do you have a big head. yes, you do. >> jersey did not fit. all right, thank you, wendy. a fun one. when we come right back on news4 at four, police are calling it a miracle after a cop is shot in the head and survives. also, we are close to setting some record temperatures out there
4:43 pm
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not only is it a little too warm for february but a tick until a lot of noses. >> a little tickle. let me go down the list and stop me why you think i'm going down the list, sign press, june per, maple, elm, birch, pine. >> pollen. >> already we are talking pollen. you get a couple of back-to-back days like this, even in the winter, temperatures up to 60s, 70s, flow wind, you got the transport for that pollen, talking tree pollen in winter. >> amazing. >> is moderate today. so, tomorrow, i think we are going to see the levels start decline a little bit, but, yeah, a lot of folks are going, what's going on with me? sniffling, is that a cold? what is that? >> early spring. a little early spring. and i think that if we don't have any real established cold, that when we hit spring, we are likely to see a higher pollen count than most average years. average rainfall, speaking of
4:46 pm
which, 2.36 inches, average snow, 5.2 inches for the month of february as we get ready to head through that month. by the end of the month, our average high is 50 degrees, even today, well above that 63, feeling a lot like early april, a little bit of light breeze, eight miles per hour there is your rain around roanoke, here it come buys tomorrow morning, sliding south of the area, a snapshot of 6:30 in the morning, winchester down toward orange, light rain, gone by 11:30 or noontime tomorrow, hey, going to have sunshine back and into the upper 50s by the afternoon. so we will start out tomorrow morning, 39 to 46 degrees, that is not going to be too chilly at all. the high, about 53 to 56, 57 down in fredericksburg, virginia. here is a look at your 4-day forecast, folks, 56 the high tomorrow, down to 52 on friday, not too bad at all. then for the weekend, right now, a chance of rain on sunday. and a rain chance for monday, too. the temperatures for this weekend, higher number to
4:47 pm
saturday, high of 51 degrees. a little bit of wet air for us for the weekend, should be pretty nice weekend. >> all right. >> thanks, veronica. the singing competition series, "the voice," made itself heard last season on nbc. >> now the show is about to return for its second season this sunday, right after the super bowl. mark bar gear has details on what fans can expect. >> reporter: contestants were not the only ones nervous. >> i have masked out on scared. >> reporter: when "the voice" debuted last spring. >> we were all a little timid in the beginning, we didn't know what the hell we were doing. >> reporter: the judges quickly settled into the winding chairs at the auditions. >> i just pushed my but the unbased on purely is this gonna -- is this moving? he. >> reporter: judges also got used to competing for contestants. >> why should i choose you over see low? >> because he dresses like a peacock? >> meet strangers and all of a sudden, like you're family.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: performers who normally make hit music had the chap challenge of making the next hitmaker. >> turned into this fun break from what we do normly. >> reporter: i have you're cologne. >> reporter: one of levine's team members who won last year. this time around -- ♪ thousands of singers and musicians around the country -- ♪ lined up for auditions. ♪ a change gonna come >> the 18-year-old or 26-year-old or 32-year-old who think it is their last chance, hard-working musicians, who want to make it came out. >> reporter: survive others of those local auditions now get a chance to impress the judges. >> is not karaoke. this is true artists that we are finding here. >> reporter: starting sunday after the super bowl. mark barger, nbc news. a few changes in store for the second season, namely the blind auditions. >> this year, each of the four
4:49 pm
judges has to find a dozen singers for their respective teams compared to eight per team last season. the voice premiers sunday night right after the super bowl and then on monday, at its regular time, right here on nbc 4. >> yeah, back to back. another thing i like about this one, there is so much strong talent right from the start. >> yeah. and the judges sing. >> and the judges sing. >> a nice plus. >> big names. coming right up on news4 at four, why one boss could be the most generous of the year. a border collie kelpy mix has become an internet sensation. we will tell you about that. coming up on news4 at 5:00 that activist from alexandria who was murdered, police now say the alleged murderer was a man he was trying to help. >> i would love to even have just a conversation with him, just a conversation. >> in a news4 ex-clues circumstance the family of lenny harris says they are not angry at the man accused of killing
4:50 pm
him. the allegations against an elementary school teacher accused of abusing more than 20 kids. tonight at six, fast food fight, mcdonald's taking the pink slime out of its burgers after complain
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
he is part bordercomely, part kelpy and may have circus clown in him.
4:53 pm
you are looking at use i is a passerby recorded video of a dog doing tricks for his owner in a london park and posted video online. he is now a youtube sensation, the repertoire includes balancing on street signs and benches. he will jump on his owner's back on cue and fetch just about anything. aussie's owners say they spend five hours day training dogs. >> i hope my dog is watching. shocked is how some australian workers are describing a bonus given to them by their boss. about 1800 people received the extra cash, averaging about $9,000. some even got 100,000 their boss, ken grenada, gave the reward after selling his bus company for $420 million. grenada says the workers desevered the windfall after working so hard for years. employees all learned they will all get to keep their jobs, too. go on a long vacation. >> way to go. >> yeah. still ahead on news4, a new
4:54 pm
york city police officer shot in the head, police say it's a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
police in new york call it a miracle. an officer was shot at the base of his skull while chasing a suspect in brooklyn last night. after surgery, he is awake and
4:57 pm
speaking again. >> reporter: lights and sirens echo through manhattan as dozens of cops rush one of their own to the hospital. inside the ambulance, 29-year-old kevin brennan, shot in the head after coming face-to-face with an armed murder suspect. after hours of surgery, commissioner ray kelly showed off the bullet pulled from brennan's skull. >> this is, in essence, what amounts to a whole bullet that was removed from the base of the officer's skull. >> reporter: brennan was shot around 9:00 while responding to call of shots fired at bushwick houses in brooklyn. the six-year vet was among three plain clothes officers with the 79th precinct to arrive on scene. he ran into the building but partners were unable to follow. >> two officers had difficulty getting into the door. it was jammed. they had to push the door open.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: as brennan's partners struggled to get in, kelly says brennan came face-to-face with the gunman, 21-year-old louis ortiz. ortiz then opened fire on brennan, using this gun. brennan shot back, while brennan was hit, ortiz was not and he fled the scene. he was arrested at an apartment nearby. mayor bloomberg, who joined kell late bell view said officer brennan was in good spirits and had his wife and 6-week-old daughter on his mind. >> we talked and he understood that he was -- he said he was in a lot of pain. we joked about his daughter. >> mayor bloomberg said officer brennan is expected to make a full recovery. that is news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. i would like to talk with him and pray for him because i
4:59 pm
know -- >> a news4 exclusive, a community activist murdered, his body thrown in a well, now his brother claims he is not angry with the man who killed him. chaotic scene in downtown d.c., a car runs off the road and hits a mother pushing a baby carriage. >> i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. that mother and child are expected to be okay but it could be worse. pat collins is following this breaking news in downtown washington. pat? >> reporter: jim, a high-speed crash right here on the sidewalk, a car comes up here, ricochets off this building and then ends up in that tree box, wheels still spinning. be still my heart. the scene, 14th and 8th streets northwest this cadillac car jumps the sidewalk, slams into this building with such force that the

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